August 1, 2021

What Husky Pride Really Means

How to show your pride in being a North High Husky

Between school and sporting events, there are plenty of times to show off our Husky Pride. But one thing I’ve noticed is that there seem to be fewer and fewer people who are dressing up for spirit days. Real Husky pride goes beyond just dressing up, it comes with respecting students, staff, and the building. 

Now maybe people don’t see the giant posters put up by student council or hear the announcements every single day, but these are constant reminders to prepare for the week ahead. Homecoming week really showed me who in our school had Husky Pride. On Friday, Husky Out, nearly everyone should be wearing something husky blue and yet again. Instead of looking like a sea it was more like a few puddles in the gym. Even if you don’t participate in a sport to get apparel there are still many ways to get Husky Gear. Visit the Paw Shop during school or at select sporting events. Of course I’m not here to call people out who don’t have access to these types of things which it why North has opened the Husky Wearhouse and for other outs students can speak with Ms. Thorp about putting together a look for “the out.” 

As for why students don’t want to show off their Husky pride, now that is a tricky one. I think that most of those students just think that dressing up for school is stupid, but in all reality you can tell who has spirit depending on how much they dress up. To the kids who wear Memorial apparel during a Husky out, why represent another school when yours is great too? Also remember to check out @huskyouts on twitter! Get in the know with what the outs are and updates on most sports throughout the year. They even run polls so the students get to vote for the out! So huskies let’s show that pride and spirit. Listen for the next time you hear or see a school spirit day and get ready to participate.

As school pride is not only reflected by student participation in events, but the appearance of the school as well, we can show our community how much we care about our school by making sure the building looks beautiful inside and out. Within the last two years I have noticed a large increase in the amount of trash thrown about the parking lot. I can say that just from that, people that drive past our school see us as disrespectful. There is an easy solution to this problem, pick up your garbage. If it blows out of your car, it’s your trash, pick it up. There is conveniently located garbage cans in the front of the school. Moving inside, clean up after yourself at lunch. If you wouldn’t want to touch other people’s garbage, they don’t want to deal with yours either, it’s as simple as that. Not only will being respectful have an influence on what the community sees but it also shows respect for staff and custodians who work hard to keep our school clean.

We’re always told to make the most out of high school, starting with something as small as showing Husky pride is guaranteed to make an impact on your experience. Show off that Husky blue and make sure the school is beautiful for both yourself and the rest of the community.

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