The Walking Dead, “Warning Signs” Review

Aleigh Warren

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The third episode was a suspenseful, pleasantly surprising one. Filled with conflict, twists and scattered with a few sentimental moments, I was enthralled from the beginning.


Kicking off the episode with someone being eaten by walkers is always a great way to begin. It always reminds the viewer the root of every problem. When the body rose, it was revealed to be the Savior who was attacked at the end of last week’s episode. Reanimated, he passed by the words ‘Final Warning’ written on the wall. It’s a harrowing sight to see before the opening credits roll, but at least it was that Savior and nobody else.  


One thing I couldn’t get over this episode was all the sentimental moments with Rick. Watching him and Michonne parent Judith makes me feel depressed knowing the impending doom looming over them. However, I’m kind of disappointed how they’re giving us all these sweet moments between the trio as fast as they can, yet they’re shoving the fact that Rick is dying down the viewers’ throats in almost everything they do. They’re so sensitive on spoilers, but are making sure to insert; “RICK GRIMES’ FINAL EPISODES!” into every commercial break. It wasn’t revealed until the end of this episode in the preview of what will transpire next week that he only has 2 whole episodes left. In my personal opinion, I would rather know he’s dying this season but not know the episode in which he will. That way, people’s emotions will be more raw. Props to them for giving us time to process it, but I’m not ready to listen to everyone beg and complain for the next big thing to happen after it’s all said and done.


The Saviors were really upset about how their people were going missing this episode. They went and terrorized Maggie about it before starting a fighting back at the compound. There’s a lot of tension and it’s great to watch. At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that the Oceanside women were the ones avenging the Saviors for the murders of their husbands and brothers. The ‘Final Warning’ on the wall was the work of the Saviors and the Oceanside community actually lived there prior. I loved this twist. I would’ve never suspected them to be doing this, let alone Cindie orchestrating the whole thing. A lot of those characters have flown under the radar until now. I’ll be keeping an eye on them.


Sorry to say you guys, but everything from my deep dive into Anne and Gabriel’s relationship turned out to be a farce. Turns out Anne is in cahoots with the people who own the helicopter and she used to be a straight up human trafficker in order to get supplies. I knew I felt genuinely confused at their relationship for a reason. Something was never 100% right with me about it. Of course Gabriel had followed her back to her old place and overheard everything that was said. Anne found out and wanted Gabriel to come back with her to a safer community to which of he declined. She then knocked him out after telling him she ‘always knew he was a B’. I have two questions; Who is she talking to on the walkie-talkie? And where/what is this community? Since the man on the other end denied the accusations of snatching the Saviors, in which Oceanside was doing, could it be the Whisperers? I kind of doubt it, but that would honestly be crazy if she’d been infiltrating the group for them all this time.

Something I’m beyond excited to see play out is Daryl and Maggie vs. Rick. Since Rick is going into ‘Morgan Mode’ and wanting everyone’s life to be spared regardless of what they do, Daryl and Maggie are taking the lead with calling the shots involving violence. It’s going to be upsetting to watch Rick and Daryl’s relationship crumble as seen in next week’s preview, but it’s a new world and conflicts are going to arise. But as of now, I’m going to have to side with Daryl and Maggie on this one. A reasonable ‘actions and consequences’ system needs to be put into place. I thought it was kind of ignorant, however, when Rick told Daryl that he should try and assimilate into this life even though he has been ever since they moved into Alexandria. Daryl doesn’t function like Rick does and has even admitted that he’s better off rogue in the woods. There’s a whole different life experience and mindset behind Daryl that he can’t just completely forget about. I have a feeling that the sparing lives vs. killing people argument will be a big conflict of interest up until Rick’s demise. I’m interested to see how it plays out.

It’s going to be a whirlwind of a next two episodes leading up to the big event. Who knows what’ll go down in between this episode and the fifth one? I feel content with the thought of Daryl and Maggie tag-teaming in leadership roles. Maggie has really proved herself over the years and is a strong leader. She’s showed with the way she handled Gregory that she isn’t messing around. I think the two of them will really be a force to be reckoned with once everything hits the fan. One thing is for sure though; I sure am gonna miss Rick Grimes no matter what.


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