The Newfound Role of Hostility in Mediation

Kaleb Kimball

May 10, 2019

Prior to the study this article breaks down, it was believed that mediators should be calm, kind, and empathetic to both parties. The findings of the study suggest otherwise. When 79 mock-negotiations were carried out virtually it was ...

The Walking Dead, “The Obliged” Review

Aleigh Warren

October 29, 2018

I have nothing but immense praise for this episode. The dialogue was super rich and I was so in love with it. There were so many great moments for everyone, well… except Rick, but we’ll get to that later.     The ep...

The Walking Dead, “Warning Signs” Review

Aleigh Warren

October 22, 2018

The third episode was a suspenseful, pleasantly surprising one. Filled with conflict, twists and scattered with a few sentimental moments, I was enthralled from the beginning.   Kicking off the episode with someone be...

The Walking Dead, “The Bridge” review

Aleigh Warren

October 15, 2018

I was highly anticipating the return of my favorite series, but was left with a small sting of disappointment. Even though there was a very satisfying death in its closing moments, it felt a little sluggish. I was pleasantly surpris...

A Spectre is Haunting Snapchat…The Spectre of Advertising

Eli Long

April 14, 2018

  Snapchat has been changed. The scorched Earth has come. End times are upon us. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from Twitter. All along my feed, retweets of people posting screenshots from “messages” of conversations...

Where is Thanksgiving?

Max Haslow

November 20, 2017

As 2017 winds down as the years always do, with the first few flurries of snow ushering in Thanksgiving week, I am reminded of just how much commercialism has taken over the holidays. You’ve probably heard the jokes of how departme...

The Long and Short of It

Eli Long

January 25, 2017

The ACT is something all high schoolers must take at some point in their high school career. It is an impenetrable gate that either grants a future and success to those who score highly, or much like the relationship between r...

Looks Like I’m Gonna Need a Gap Year

Kailee Berg

December 7, 2016

College is a scary thought to a high schooler. Many high schoolers have felt the pressure of college since the first day they entered as freshman. For myself, it’s a cloud that grows dark and dense as my time in high school...

Something Stinks

Eli Long

December 7, 2016

Recently, I read the literary classic The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. The novel revolves around the antics of a conflicted teenager in a series of events that can mostly described as melancholic. I’ll spare you the...