An all New Me

Mekiah Henning

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Well, I have writer’s block – you might be able to tell when reading this article – I had to Google ‘writing prompts’, and one of those prompts sparked an idea. Originally the question was “what is one thing that has changed you the most?” but, I couldn’t limit it to one thing – so I changed the question; ‘how has high school changed you?’ Granted, I’m only a Sophomore but I’m so different from who I was in middle school. Sure, anyone could say that, but the people I have come across, the friends I have lost, the friends I’ve made and even some of my teachers have changed me – for the good.

The middle school, younger, version of me was very fragile. I would get hurt by so many things and I would let everything get to me, like my emotions had control. I was also very set in my ways, I had very strong political views and I always had opinions, even on things I knew nothing about. I cared about everything, especially my appearance. I would straighten my hair everyday – eventually frying it so bad I had to cut most of it off. I did my makeup every morning. I picked out my outfits the night before to make sure it was perfect. I would have more relaxed days but almost every day I would stress about small things like that. I wasn’t as bad as I’m making myself sound but I want to stress how different I was back then from how I am now.

I met, and became friends, with people who made me relaxed and laid back. I don’t care about everything I used to care about, which sounds bad, but it has made my life so much easier. I have even changed a lot of the political views to oppose what I used to think. I wear sweatpants almost everyday, I almost always have my hair down in it’s naturally wavy form. I even listen to new music that I used to hate. I just don’t care what people think of me and it’s thanks to a few select amount of friends that I can say that. They’ve helped me grow into a person I genuinely love, and I couldn’t thank them enough for that.

However, I have lost friends too. If you’re an Eighth grader who is going to be a freshman next year, or if you are a freshman, and you think you won’t lose any of your friends – I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong. To be fair, I’m still good friends with some people from my middle school, but, I lost most of my friends within a year that I thought would be around forever. Either we parted ways all together, or we still talk and aren’t as close as we were. I still lost a lot of bonds. That alone changed me a lot, I developed a lot of trust issues and anger issues. It’s hard for me to make any close friends because I hate opening up and talk about my feelings. Because I hold a lot of feelings in, I have outbursts where I’ll snap and yell at people.

To be fair, I’ve matured a lot. I care about less things and I’m more confident, caring and forgiving. I don’t hold grudges anymore, I hang out with more people, I get out more and I’m happy. But that doesn’t mean high school was the best thing to happen to me, it was how I handled what high school through at me that was the best thing. The stress, drama and struggle that come with high school can get to you and change you a lot more than you would think. The way you handle it shows a lot about you and who you’re going to become. I have met some of the best and worst people at school, I have some of the best and worst memories because of school.

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