September 23, 2021


Advisor’s Statement
The Husky Howl is in need of students who wish to engage in the world of journalism. Writers, editors, photographers, and designers of all ages are encouraged to see Ms. Krieg in room 235 or email [email protected] to express their interest.

Mission Statement
The Husky Howl is a publication created by North High School students. The goal is to inform and entertain the student body on issues that are local and relevant to them without the use of obscenity and libel.

The editorials and features that are written express the opinions and ideas of the writers and are not expressive of the entire student body or the entire staff of the paper. Letters to the editor are welcome and may be emailed to the advisor, Ms. Krieg, at [email protected] Letters must be signed; however, the author’s identity may be kept anonymous upon request. We reserve the right to edit the letters.

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